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A&P Falmouth Docks

Fellow Chartered Management Accountant with over 25 years experience working at Chair, MD and CEO level in major Private and Public Sector companies, specialising in start up, business development, turn around change and transformation. Working across sectors turning good ideas into good businesses.

Peter joined A&P Falmouth in 1994 as Finance Director and became MD in 2003. Key achievements included rebuilding the senior management structure and delivering significant profits.


Led a reorganisation to reduce fixed costs by £1m pa in the face of strong competition and a decline in Falmouth’s traditional market sectors. This was achieved by restructuring management to focus on the project, creating stand alone departments and developing a more flexible cost base, change working practises with the Unions and developing long term relationships with key sub contractors.


Worked with Unions and workforce to rebuild the yard and skill base. Worked with local partners to build new opportunities for A&P and the local marine industry. 


Prototyped the long term partnering model with MoD on RFA Argus in 2004 which resulted in the MoD adopting “Clustering” nationally and 30 year contracts for A&P Falmouth on RFA Argus and the 4 LSDA’s worth £300m and the contract to support the 4 new MARS tankers in 2015. 


Led A&P Falmouth to become the first commercial shipyard in the UK to achieve accreditation in ISPS, ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001. 

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