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Fellow Chartered Management Accountant with over 25 years experience working at Chair, MD and CEO level in major Private and Public Sector companies, specialising in start up, business development, turn around change and transformation. Working across sectors turning good ideas into good businesses.

Peter joined Waves4Power (W4P) in 2015 working as their UK Consultant and Market representative. Core deliverables include setting up Wave4Power UK Ltd, working with EMEC and Isles of Scilly on potential demonstration sites and commercial arrays, alongside growing the business in several sectors including renewable energy, reducing CO2 emissions and aqua-culture.



W4P delivers green energy solutions by generating affordable electric power from ocean waves.


A wave power park consists of several power-generating WaveEL buoys linked together in an optimized pattern. The power park is connected to the energy-user on shore or offshore via a connection hub and sea cable achieved by working closely with major strategic partners. 


The WaveEL demonstration at the Runde site in Norway is proof of concept for the Waves4Power system. One week after launching in 2016, the buoy was exposed to waves with a height of 14 meters at the site, and the system produced exemplary performance. The system has since proved survivability for over 12,000 hours between February 2016 until November 2017, including 4000 hours of full-scale system functional testing generating power to the Norwegian Grid.

W4P is now developing the Next Generation and installation of the first in a row of commercial wave energy device arrays, planned for 2020-2021.

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