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Fellow Chartered Management Accountant with over 25 years experience working at Chair, MD and CEO level in major Private and Public Sector companies, specialising in start up, business development, turn around change and transformation. Working across sectors turning good ideas into good businesses.

SubConnected is a Swedish based company that provides cable system solutions for floating wind and wave power that are specially designed for rough sea conditions. Meeting high demands on quality, safety and cost efficiency.

A completely new generation of sea cables with a built in super dynamic flexibility and strength given by Kevlar ropes integrated in the cables was developed and patented by our cable partner NKT Cables. This is connected to a hub for connecting multiple cables and ensure dry connection points as well as protect the cables from scuffing and gouging in the sea bed. 

The system has been tested during six years in the worst possible conditions outside Runde Environmental Centre in Norway. The cables have also undergone extreme longevity testing at RISE (Research Institute of Sweden) and Chalmers University of Technology had done numerous simulations to simulate longevity and performance.

With this type off cable and the hub concept SubConnected can offer customers an innovative, well proven, and cost-efficient cable system with long life and low maintenance. A system that is an alternative to traditional steel armoured cables.

Peter was part of the team at Waves4Power that developed the system and now is SubConnected’s UK Representative.


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