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Tugdock Ltd

Fellow Chartered Management Accountant with over 25 years experience working at Chair, MD and CEO level in major Private and Public Sector companies, specialising in start up, business development, turnarounds, change management and transformation. Working across sectors turning good ideas into good businesses.

Peter worked with Shane to help develop and grow Marine Designs Ltd when they both at A&P. Now they are working together again to grow Tugdock from a great Idea into a great business. This has involved securing the funding from MarineI, working with existing and new investors, securing finance and developing business relationships and an exciting new supply chain of preferred suppliers and partners.



Shane Carr Ltd has been in the forefront of innovative designing, building and installing one-off, heavy duty floating pontoons and piers since 1994. By successfully specialising in developing expertise in the heavy pontoon sector longer than any other UK company, Shane Carr Ltd launched our heavy duty concrete pontoon system ‘DockMaster’ and own the patent for and licence.

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Shane Carr Ltd have developed an innovative floating dry dock for lifting boats and floating

structures out of the water at the boat or structures location rather than having to move the boat to a

dry dock facility saving cost time and loss of sales revenue.

This is done using a system of air buoyancy bags, tethered inside a modular structural ‘space frame’ to provide the lifting force and a full working dry dock.

The project will significantly expand the operations of Shane Carr Ltd t/a Tugdock Ltd and produce a new product to market which will be based in the Cornish Marine Sector and have global sales. Tugdock Ltd has now been registered as a separate company to enable it to develop and reach its full global market potential.

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The project is well underway and Shane Carr Ltd have received funding from Marine i for the prototype build which is planned to be complete and tested in Summer 2019. 

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